Welcome to NEU Skin Botanicals.

If you are looking for natural body butters and homemade body scubs, you have come to the right place!

Don't coat yourself in the dangerous chemicals used in today's body lotions (even many 'natural body lotions'). Treat yourself instead to handmade, all-natural whipped body butters and sea salt body scrubs that are made locally here in Chilliwack.

Whipped Body Butters

Infused with a unique blend of energizing and organic ingredients, our body butters put a smile on your face and leave your skin feeling soft. Whether you are looking to avoid the hazards caused by applying chemical-laden lotions, or if you are seeking a natural way to revitalize and tone your skin, our homemade body butters will help look and feel great.

Sea Salt Scrubs

All-natural and charged with dead sea salt, these homemade body scrubs exfoliate your skin, leaving you feeling free and ready to meet life's challenges. The organic ingredients are exactly what your skin needs to help give it that healthy glow that often seems elusive.

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